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You will find no simpler way to add a search bar to your website. Just add your site, copy and paste! Help your users find what they need, now!

Try out the search bar by clicking on the search icon below or by using the shortcut Ctrl + K!

Simplicity is key

Just create your website, and an index gets created instantly. Then, copy the generated code and paste it directly into your site's header. Easy and uncomplicated!

Inbox user interface

Smooth Integration

Trigger searches instantly through your own custom buttons or with a simple shortcut. The power of simplicity and style, all in one.

Inbox user interface

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Elevate your visitors' experience with ksearch's intuitive search. Simple to install and a joy to use.


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“I love the easy and straightforward way to implement search with SearchItFast. It literally takes two minutes to integrate a modern and fast search interface directly into your website. A great fit for static websites with no backend.”

Thomas Diroll

Simple no-tricks pricing

Free License

Acquire a permanent search solution for one website for free!

What’s included

  • Free Search Widget:
    A search widget with SearchItFast branding.
  • Weekly Indexing:
    Automatic, weekly updates of your search index.
  • Seamless Setup:
    Quick and simple integration with any website.
  • Unlimited Usage:
    No cap on search queries for your visitors.

Website License

Acquire a permanent search solution for one website with just a one-time fee. No recurring costs — ksearch keeps things simple.

What’s included

  • Everything in free!
  • Search Widget:
    An unbranded search widget for your site.
  • Daily Indexing:
    Automatic, daily updates of your search index.

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17€ EUR

30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

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Frequently asked questions

Surprisingly little! Just enter your website and paste the generated code. It's as simple as that!